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A lifecycle cost-driven system dynamics approach for considering additive re-manufacturing or repair in aero-engine component design

Lawand, Lydia (1); Al Handawi, Khalil (1); Panarotto, Massimo (2); Andersson, Petter (3); Isaksson, Ola (2); Kokkolaras, Michael (1,2) // 2019
Aero-engine component design decisions should consider re-manufacturing and/or repair strategies and their impact on lifecycle cost. Existing design approaches do not account for alternative ...

A matrix-based approach to investigate the geometrical dependencies between non-driving-related tasks and future vehicle concepts

Seebach, Niko (1,2); R // 2019
Caused by the technology of automated driving the user is temporarily released from driving and can perform non-driving-related tasks (NDRTs), such as sleeping or working. The aim of this paper is to ...

A Matter of Factor: A Proposed Method for Identifying Factors That Influence Design Effort Levels in Product Design

Holliman, Alexander 'Freddie'; Thomson, Avril; Hird, Abigail; Wilson, Nicky // 2019
Design effort, the amount of time required to complete a project or task (Salam et al., 2009; Salam and Bhuiyan, 2016), is a required resource for any design project which can be influenced by a ...

A Method For Analyzing The Influence Of Process And Design Parameters On The Build Time Of Additively Manufactured Components

Hallmann, Martin; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
When using additive manufacturing processes, the choice of the numerous settings for the process and design parameters significantly influences the build and production time. To reduce the required ...

A Methodical Approach to Support Conceptual Design for Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Watschke, Hagen; Kuschmitz, Sebastian; Heubach, Julius; Lehne, Guido; Vietor, Thomas // 2019
Additive manufacturing (AM) opens new possibilities for innovative product designs. However, due to a lack of knowledge and restrained creativity because of design fixations, design engineers do not ...

A methodology for implementing a product-centred bid model for suppliers

Guillon, Delphine (1,3); Merlo, Christophe (2); Villeneuve, Eric (1); Vareilles, Elise (3); Aldanondo, Michel (3) // 2019
Early phases of product development are critical for next phases and impact the product definition. During bid process, suppliers generate offers for a customer that must both meet customer?s ...

A methodology for multisensory product experience design using cross-modal effect: A case of SLR camera

Maki, Takuma; Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi // 2019
Throughout the course of product experience, a user employs multiple senses, including vision, hearing, and touch. Previous cross-modal studies have shown that multiple senses interact with each ...

A methodology for the application of virtual evaluation methods within the design process of cold forged steel pinions

Rohrmoser, Andreas (1); Heling, Bj // 2019
Gears are essential machine elements in the drivetrain and transmission technology. The operational behaviour of a gear pairing is influenced by the design of the gear kinematics as well as the ...

A model-based approach to identify barriers in design knowledge reuse

Jordan, Thomas (1,2); Bender, Beate (1); Herzog, Michael (1); Song, Young-Woo (1) // 2019
Today, information and knowledge as competitive factors influence the success of companies as much as traditional production factors like human resources or physical capital. However, the reuse of ...

A modeling approach for elastic tolerance simulation of the body in white hang-on parts

Zheng, Hanchen (1); Litwa, Frank (1); Reese, Benjamin (2); Li, Chenyang (2); Bohn, Martin (1); Paetzold, Kristin (3) // 2019
Computer aided tolerancing (CAT) in the automobile industry is implemented by CAD tools. These tools analyze the manufacturability of complex assemblies with rigid single parts in an early stage to ...

A Network-based Contract Management Framework for Prioritizing Contractual Performance Progress Axis

Cesar, Franck (1); Marle, Franck (2) // 2019
Contracts play a major role in today’s projects and operations. Contractual performance is defined as the result of the contract and the process and organization that support the contract lifecycle. ...

A Neutral Form for Experiential Material Characterisation

Veelaert, Lore; Moons, Ingrid; Rohaert, Sarah; Du Bois, Els // 2019
Materials experience in design involves the meanings that materials convey to users through its expressive characteristics. Such meaning evoking patterns are influenced by parameters such as context, ...

A New Method of Human Response Testing to Enhance the Design Process

Kalantari, Saleh // 2019
This paper presents a new method of human-response testing to enhance the success of designs. Rather than waiting until after a building is constructed to see how the design will affect human users, ...

A new method to assess platform changes over successive generations of product variants from multiple design perspectives

Wong, Foo Shing; Wynn, David C. // 2019
This paper introduces a new method to help designers assess the impact of changes to a product platform when introducing a new variant. The method evaluates a platform design by investigating how ...


Wu, Hao; Gan, Jing // 2019
Since the design education system was firstly established and spread to the public by Bauhaus in Weimar, year of 1919, people began to realise the necessity and rationality of design education in ...

A pragmatic approach towards leveraging employee competences by use of semantic web technologies

Ocker, Felix; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit // 2019
Global competition in combination with the increasing specialization of labor requires organizations to leverage their employees' competences. The approach presented in this paper empowers ...

A preliminary proposal towards unambiguous definitions for Modular Interfaces and Interactions

Fiorineschi, Lorenzo; Rotini, Federico // 2019
Modularity is acknowledged to provide benefits across the whole product lifecycle. Accordingly, many literature contributions can be found about modularization methods, metrics and definitions. In ...


Petrakis, Konstantinos; Wodehouse, Andrew; Hird, Abigail // 2019
odel building have been proved to be very beneficial as they boost students’ creativity and resourcefulness and assist them in evaluating their ideas better. Nevertheless, their use of prototypes has ...

A research through design framework from the evaluation of a meta-design platform for open and collaborative design and making processes

Menichinelli, Massimo (1,2) // 2019
The democratisation of technologies, knowledge and activities have been changing the world of designers, blurring the boundaries between amateur and professional designers, especially within the ...

A Review of Affordances and Affordance-Based Design to Address Usability

Masoudi, Nafiseh (1); Fadel, Georges M. (1); Pagano, Christopher C. (2); Elena, Maria Vittoria (1) // 2019
Maier and Fadel pioneered Affordance-Based Design (ABD) based on Gibson?s revolutionary theory of affordances and Norman?s deployment of the concept in his book, ?The Design of Everyday Things?. ...

A review of requirements and approaches for realistic visual perception in virtual reality

Gersch // 2019
The amount of new virtual reality input and output devices being developed is enormous. Those peripherals offer novel opportunities and possibilities in the industrial context, especially in the ...

A semi-automated requirements reuse and recycling process for Autonomous Transportation Systems R&D

Damak, Youssef (1,2); Jankovic, Marija (1); Leroy, Yann (1); Chelbi, Karim (2) // 2019
The R&D of Autonomous Transportation Systems (ATS) is hindered by the lack of industrial feedback and client's knowledge about technological possibilities. In addition, because of intellectual ...

A straightforward approach to the derivation of topologies

Garrelts, Enno; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2019
The design of topologically optimized structures is straightforward, although the main problem is really to derive the correct structure in each instance. During the development of structures for ...

A survey of design reviews: Understanding differences by designer-roles and phase of development

Chen, James; Zucco, Gustavo; Olechowski, Alison // 2019
In this paper, we present the results of a survey of new product development practitioners regarding their design review experiences. We surveyed 128 product development professionals on their ...

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