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A survey on the applications of machine learning in the early phases of product development

Shabestari, Seyed Sina; Herzog, Michael; Bender, Beate // 2019
Machine learning has shown its potential to support the knowledge extraction within the development processes and particularly in the early phases where critical decisions have to be made. However, ...

A Systematic Approach to Evaluating Design Prompts in Supporting Experimental Design Research

Patel, Apurva; Elena, Maria-Vittoria; Summers, Joshua // 2019
Experiments that study engineering behavior in design often rely on participants responding to a given design prompt or a problem statement. Moreover, researchers often find themselves testing ...

A Systematic Approach to Model Objectives in Predevelopment Projects

Richter, Thilo Oliver; Albers, Albert; Gesk, Johannes Willi; Witt, Jan-Hendrik // 2019
This contribution presents a systematic for the elicitation of objectives and the utilization of objectives to identify reference products. The systematic is based on existing meta models. The model ...

A systematic brainstorming ideation method for novice designers based on SECI theory

Kim, Taegyun; McKay, Alison; Thomas, Briony // 2019
Design ideation is a critical early step in any design process and especially challenging for novice designers. This paper introduces the "Systematic Brainstorming Ideation (SBI)" method that, as ...

A Text Mining Based Map of Engineering Design: Topics and their Trajectories over Time

Chiarello, Filippo; Melluso, Nicola; Bonaccorsi, Andrea; Fantoni, Gualtiero // 2019
The Engineering Design field is growing fast and so is growing the number of sub-fields that are bringing value to researchers that are working in this context. From psychology to neurosciences, from ...

A theoretical foundation for developing a prescriptive method for the co-design of circular economy value chains

Blomsma, Fenna; Pigosso, Daniela C.; McAloone, Tim C. // 2019
In order to operate in line with the circular economy (CE) concept, companies and other stakeholders need to work together to enable the circulation and cascading of resources. Although the need for ...

A theory-driven design research agenda: Exploring dual-process theory

Cash, Philip; Daalhuizen, Jaap; Valgeirsdottir, Dagny; Van Oorschot, Robin // 2019
Design research faces a critical 'impact gap' where the potential for scientific and practical impact is yet to be fully realised. A key means of bridging this gap is the adoption of fundamental ...

A weighted set cover problem for product family design to maximize the commonality of products

Han, Hyeongmin (1); Chang, Sehyun (2); Kim, Harrison (1) // 2019
In product family design, the commonality of products and performance are competing objectives when designers build platforms. The commonality makes it efficient to manufacture products while it will ...

Abductive inferences in strategic design decisions

Kroll, Ehud (1); Koskela, Lauri (2) // 2019
The overall strategy of designing is addressed. The design decisions that have a major impact on the direction in which the process evolves are termed ?strategic?, and here we study them from the ...


Stewart, Joseph Alexander; Arthur, Leslie // 2019
From the age of 5-18, UK children are taught in a specific, prescriptive and grade-driven manner, imposed upon them by a rigid, competence-driven National Curriculum, which actively suppresses both ...


Du, Bo (1,2); Nagai, Yukari (1); Kim, Eunyoung (1); Yuizono, Takaya (1); Wang, Manqian (2) // 2019
Design requires a heterogeneous mixture of culture and linguistics and is a tool for visual communication. The charm of language is mainly reflected in the accuracy and uniqueness way through which ...

Adding Implicit Measurement Methods to Interactive Optimizations in Industrial design - A Concept, First Tests, and Comparison Using Two Simple Case Studies

Wiesner, Martin; Petrow, Andreas; Vajna, S // 2019
In this article, a new approach to interactive optimization in industrial design is presented in which, for the first time, implicit preference acquisition methods are integrated. Suitable methods ...

Additive manufacturing of heterogeneous lattice structures: an experimental exploration

Leonardi, Francesco (1); Graziosi, Serena (1); Casati, Riccardo (1); Tamburrino, Francesco (2); Bordegoni, Monica (1) // 2019
3D printed heterogeneous lattice structures are beam-and-node based structures characterised by a variable geometry. This variability is obtained starting from a periodic structure and modifying the ...

Addressing cognitive challenges in design ? a review on existing approaches

Ning, Weining; Goodman-Deane, Joy; Clarkson, P.John // 2019
Insufficient design often causes challenges to users on a cognitive level, hindering them from interacting with products smoothly. There is a lack of effective design tools and supporting materials ...


Torkildsby, Anne Britt (1); Vaes, Kristof (2) // 2019
Stereotypes and prejudices are a ubiquitous cultural phenomenon that can impinge on peoples’ wellbeing. Moreover, the power of public stigma can make users of certain products experience ...

Adopting Immersive Technologies for Design Practice: The Internal and External Barriers

Hoang, Dieu (1); Naderi, Ehsan (1); Cheng, Ren // 2019
In the first quarter of the new millennium, the immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are only a few steps away from becoming the ...

Agile Baukastenentwicklung – Chancen und Herausforderungen bei der Implementierung in der Entwicklungspraxis am Beispiel der Zuverlässigkeit von Sprintzusagen

Linda Mauch [1] [2]; Martin Steyer [2]; Nikola Bursac [1] // 2019
Agile frameworks such as Scrum contribute to a flexible product development process. In a scaled agile modular design development environment at TRUMPF Group. research shows that not all committed ...

Agile Development of a Microtiter Plate in an Interdisciplinary Project Team

Goevert, Kristin; Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian; Tariq, Bilal; Krischer, Lukas; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
The industry is currently changing rapidly. Both customers and employees are focusing much more on their own needs. On the one hand, this requires individualized products and, on the other hand, ...

Agile Lightweight Design - the Extended Target Weighing Approach in ASD - Agile Systems Design using functional Modelling with the C&C?-Approach

Albers, Albert; Matthiesen, Sven; Revfi, Sven; Sch // 2019
The context of product development can be understood as transformation of needs into technical solutions under the continuous handling of uncertainties. These result particularly in early development ...

Agile Product Development: Features Identification and Application in the Electricity Sector

Ribeiro, Artur Tavares Vilas Boas (1); Leal, Lorenna Fernandes (1); do Amaral, Guilherme Soares Gurgel (2); Kahn, Ricardo (2); Pacci Evaristo, Bruno Guilherme (3); Rom // 2019
The electricity sector is in the midst of a structural change driven by new technologies. In Brazil, the electricity sector regulation has mechanisms to foster innovation, including investments in ...

AI Motion Control ? A Generic Approach to Develop Control Policies for Robotic Manipulation Tasks

Kurrek, Philip (1); Jocas, Mark (1); Zoghlami, Firas (1); Stoelen, Martin (2); Salehi, Vahid (1) // 2019
Current robotic solutions are able to manage specialized tasks, but they cannot perform intelligent actions which are based on experience. Autonomous robots that are able to succeed in complex ...

AI-based learning approach with consideration of safety criteria on example of a depalletization robot

Jocas, Mark (1); Kurrek, Philip (1); Zoghlami, Firas (1); Gianni, Mario (2); Salehi, Vahid (1) // 2019
Robotic systems need to achieve a certain level of process safety during the performance of the

task and at the same time ensure compliance with safety criteria for the expected behaviour.

To ...

AIM: an Interactive Ashtray to Support Behavior Change through Gamification

Huang, Siyuan; Scurati, Giulia Wally; Elzeney, Mostafa; Li, Yujie; Lin, Xiaofeng; Ferrise, Francesco; Bordegoni, Monica // 2019
Littering is a highly diffused anti-environmental and anti-social behavior, especially among young people. Furthermore, cigarette butts are one of the most littered items and are responsible for both ...

Alarm Compliance In Healthcare: Design Considerations For Actionable Alarms (In Intensive Care Units)

Sanz-Segura, Rosana (1); Manchado P // 2019
Intensive care units are technologically advanced environments that are designed to safeguard the patient while their vitals are stabilized for further treatment. Audible and visual alarms are part ...

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