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An affordable insulin pump for type-1 diabetic patients: A case study of user-in-the-loop approach to engineering design

Karia, Deval; Nambiar, Rohit S; Arora, Manish // 2019
Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion using an insulin pump has been documented to have significant clinical benefits as a treatment plan for type 1 diabetes mellitus patients. However, despite ...

An affordance-based online review analysis framework

Hou, Tianjun (1); Yannou, Bernard (1); Leroy, Yann (1); Poirson, Emilie (2) // 2019
One of the main tasks of today's data-driven design is to learn customers' concerns from the feedback data posted on the internet, to drive smarter and more profitable decisions during product ...

An Approach for choosing the cost effective design for a product-service system while maintaining its desired reliability

Schneider, Jannik Alexander; Mozgova, Iryna; Lachmayer, Roland // 2019
With the spread of product-service systems as business models the life cycle costs are of increasing importance as a measurement of product cost. A key factor that drives these costs is the desired ...

An Approach to integrate risk management in cross-structure SysML-models

Kunnen, Steffen Georg; Adamenko, Dmytro; Pluhnau, Robin; Nagarajah, Arun // 2019
Demands on developers are increasing due to the growing complexity of products in engineering. As many different disciplines are involved in planning the communication and data exchange becomes ...

An Axiomatic Categorisation Framework for the Dynamic Alignment of Disparate Functions in Cyber-physical Systems

Byrne, Thomas J (1,2); Doikin, Aleksandr (1,2); Campean, Felician (1,2); Neagu, Daniel (1,2) // 2019
Advancing Industry 4.0 concepts by mapping the product of the automotive industry on the spectrum of Cyber Physical Systems, we immediately recognise the convoluted processes involved in the design ...

An eco-knowledge tool to support eco-design implementation inside design departments

Rossi, Marta (1); Favi, Claudio (2); Russo, Anna Costanza (1); Germani, Michele (1) // 2019
In last years, an increasing attention on environmental matters is registered. Companies face environmental matters to increase the environmental performances of their products, forced by numerous ...

An Exploration of the Relations between Functionality, Aesthetics and Creativity in Design

Han, Ji; Forbes, Hannah; Schaefer, Dirk // 2019
Creativity is often said to play a vital role in the product design process, while functionality and aesthetics are considered key factors of actual products. Functionality refers to the performance ...

An Exploratory Study Comparing CAD Tools And Working Styles For Implementing Design Changes

Phadnis, Vrushank Shripad (1); Leonardo, Kevin Alfonso (1); Wallace, David Robert (1); Olechowski, Alison Louise (2) // 2019
This paper presents the findings of a preliminary study comparing implementation of design changes using various computer-aided design (CAD) working styles. Our study compares individuals? and pairs? ...

An innovative framework for managing the customization of tailor-made shoes

Marconi, Marco (1); Papetti, Alessandra (2); Scaf // 2019
Product customization aims to consider individual customers preferences in the design of new products, in order to directly involve them in the product development process and to maximize their ...

An integral design framework for multi-disciplinary design

Zeiler, Wim // 2019
A comprehensive domain independent system-level perspective of conceptualization of design is a major driver for successful product development. Such a general design model, Integral Design, was ...

An introductory review of methods for the articulation of strategy in design

Simeone, Luca // 2019
This paper presents an introductory review of methods to articulate strategy in design. Articulation is here seen as a process in which strategy is more or less strictly and explicitly identified and ...

An Inventory of Creative Spaces: Innovative Organizations and their Workspace

Thoring, Katja (1,2); Mueller, Roland M. (3); Badke-Schaub, Petra (1); Desmet, Pieter (1) // 2019
Creative workspaces are becoming popular in many organizations. They are believed to support innovation efforts and creativity among employees. This paper presents spatial evidences of creative work ...

An Overview and Classification of Tolerance Compensation Methods

Aschenbrenner, Alexander; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Technological advances as well as novel manufacturing and design paradigms, such as industry 4.0 and digitalization, offer new opportunities for innovative products. However, they also increase the ...

Analysemodell für die Priorisierung von Weiterentwicklungsoptionen zur Sensorintegration

Sven Vogel; Gunnar Vorwerk-Handing; Eckhard Kirchner // 2019
This paper discusses the challenges that arise from the need for additional sensory functions in existing systems. These additional functions lead to a wide variety of possible solutions for the ...

Analysing and Solving the Reduced-ability and Excessive-use Dilemmas in Technology Use

Wesugi, Shigeru // 2019
Technology use provides great benefits by extending human ability, but the negative effects cannot always be ignored. The author examined the dilemmas of technology use based on Shibata?s analysis of ...

Analysing The Relevance Of Serious Game Elements For Effectively Teaching Innovation Processes

Ma, Yiming (1); Vallet, Flore (1,2); Cluzel, Fran // 2019
Serious games (SGs) as a new educational format have gained interest among many scholars from diverse fields. SGs seem to be useful tools for teaching innovation processes (IP) as they guarantee ...

Analysis and evaluation in the early stages of designing resource efficient offerings: A comparison among large companies and small and medium enterprises

Brambila-Macias, Sergio Andres; Sakao, Tomohiko // 2019
In Europe there is a common vision to transform the economy into a sustainable one by 2050 which among other changes, calls for companies to address their offerings in a more resource-efficient ...

Analysis and Synthesis of Resilient Load-carrying Systems

Schulte, Fiona; Kirchner, Eckhard; Kloberdanz, Hermann // 2019
Resilient systems have the capability to survive and recover from seriously affecting events. Resilience engineering already is established for socio-economic organisations and extended network-like ...

Analysis of Approaches of Tolerance Allocation regarding to Economic Efficiency

Gust, Peter; Sersch, Alina; Steger, Tobias; Schluer, Christoph // 2019
The aim of this paper is to examine the current state of research on tolerance-induced costs in Germany. Through a literature research already existing approaches for the determination of costs ...

Analysis Of The Consequences Of Disrupting Events On Ongoing Product Development Projects: The Cascading Effects Of Severe Influences

Guaragni, Fausto (1,2); Ortt, Roland (2); Paetzold, Kristin (1) // 2019
The initial planning of the development of complicated products usually requires time and efforts. However, even the most accurate plans are not able to cope with all the uncertainties that might ...

Anknüpfung von Modularisierungsmethoden an ein Wirkmodell modularer Produktstrukturen

Lea-Nadine Schwede; Florian Seiler; Dieter Krause // 2019
Economic goals. such as costs. are some of the main reasons why
companies make changes to their products. To maintain external diversity while reducing internal diversity. modularization is an ...


Kind, Simon (1); Dybov, Anton (1); Buchholz, Christian (1); Stark, Rainer (1,2) // 2019
An increased level of product complexity to design individualized products, reduced time for development until delivery and a more interconnected and globalized way of cooperation are actual trends ...

Application search in solution-driven biologically inspired design

Lenau, Torben Anker // 2019
In solution-driven BID (sol-BID) a challenge is to identify suited applications that will benefit from the solutions principles found in nature. A well-known example of sol-BID is the self-cleaning ...

Applying Engineering Design Ontology for Content Analysis of Team Conceptual Design Activity

Martinec, Tomislav (1); ?kec, Stanko (1,2); ?klebar, Jelena (1); ?torga, Mario (1,3) // 2019
Studies of design activity have been dominantly reporting on different aspects of the design process, rather than the content of designing. The aim of the presented research has been the development ...

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