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Application of anamorphism in product design

Kettley, Calum; Wodehouse, Andrew // 2023
This research aims to investigate the incorporation of anamorphism into product design and has resulted in the creation of a series of handheld objects with embedded anamorphic information. ...

Application of Bio-Bricks & its benefits

Rautray, Priyabrata (1); Roy, Avik (2); Eisenbart, Boris (3) // 2023
The practice-led research focuses on how agro-waste can be used to build a structure, gather relevant knowledge, and identify its various challenges. Based on the compressive strength of Bio-Bricks, ...

Application of unsupervised learning and image processing into classification of designs to be fabricated with additive or traditional manufacturing

Ördek, Baris; Borgianni, Yuri // 2023
Manufacturing process (MP) selection systems require a large amount of labelled data, typically not provided as design outputs. This issue is made more severe with the continuous development of ...

Applications of Rotational Manipulators in the Manufacture and Characterization of Highly Curved Thin Films

McIntyre, Finn (1); Sellier, Mathieu (1); Gooch, Shayne (1); Nock, Volker (2); Sharplin, Nigel (3) // 2023
What do common devices such as smartphones, CD’s and solar panels all have in common? They are all examples of innovative technology that is still limited to flat, rigid geometries. This is primarily ...

Are Generative Adversarial Networks Capable of Generating Novel and Diverse Design Concepts? An Experimental Analysis of Performance

Ghasemi, Parisa; Yuan, Chenxi; Marion, Tucker; Moghaddam, Mohsen // 2023
Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have shown stupendous power in generating realistic images to an extend that human eyes are not capable of recognizing them as synthesized. State-of-the-art GAN ...


Kiernan, Louise Brigid; Mcmahon, Muireann // 2023
As designing with vulnerable users becomes more prevalent, we need to establish societal and policy guidelines to ensure that such practices adhere to ethical principles to protect both participant ...

Artificial intelligence techniques for improving cylindrical shrink-fit shaft-hub couplings

Saeed, Muhammad Shahrukh (1,2); Falter, Jan (1); Dausch, Valesko (1); Wagner, Markus (1); Kreimeyer, Matthias (1); Eisenbart, Boris (2) // 2023
Due to the continuous progress in information technology, complex problems of machine elements can be investigated using numerical methods. The focus of these investigations and optimizations often ...


Zorn, Stefan; Malz, Sinah // 2023
Achieving a sustainable and climate-neutral world is a social and complex technological task. Engineering designers therefore play a vital role as their technological developments may require the use ...

Assessing Eye Gaze Patterns between Intermediate and Advanced Design Sketchers

Howell, Bryan; Jackson, Asa River; Edwards, Alexandra M.; Kilbourn-Barber, Katherine; Bliss, Kaylee; Morgan, Addie Payne // 2023
One difficulty with sketching pedagogy is the tendency to assess growth according to outcomes, as opposed to processes. We assessed eye gaze patterns between advanced and intermediate design ...

Assessing performance in engineering design education from a multidisciplinary perspective: an analysis of instructors’ course review reports

Ndiaye, Yakhoub; Blessing, Lucienne // 2023
Performance assessment plays a crucial role in engineering education. Yet most instructor assessment focuses on student outcomes to analyse achievements. Although there is extensive research ...

Assessing systemic drivers and barriers to sustainable design transitions: relationship strengths and research gaps

Basereh Taramsari, Hossein (1); McFarren, John (1); Watz, Matilda (2); Hallstedt, Sophie I. (2,3); Hoffenson, Steven (1) // 2023
The sustainable design transition has proven to be a challenging process, in part due to the diverse set of stakeholders, which includes the general public, policymakers, scientific researchers, and ...

Assessment of Product Design and Engineering students essential skills' for tomorrow

Gallindo, Viviane; Lim, Melissa; Boora, Aasish; Castro, Gabriela; Das, Monikuntala; Silva, Arlindo // 2023
This paper explores the assessment of Critical and Creative Thinking skills among Product Design and Engineering (PDE) students, whose profession holds significant potential for addressing the ...

Assistance System for graph-based 3D Visualization of Design Structure Matrices

Jan-Phillip Herrmann (1), Sven Tackenberg (1), Christoph Trojanowski (2), Carolin Pankrath (3), Sebastian Imort (1), Andreas Deuter (1) // 2023
The increasing number of product artifacts (e.g., mechanical or electronic components, software functions, documents) confronts small and medium-sized companies with the challenge of assessing change ...

Augmented reality Application for pulmonary auscultation learning aid

Hireche, Lyna (1); Medina-Galvis, Sergio-Camilo (1); Rusca, Roger (2); Pinsault, Nicolas (3); Thomann, Guillaume (1) // 2023
During some applied anatomy lessons, physiotherapist students must develop a skill of locating and recognizing underlying anatomical elements, from surface palpations, or through clinical tools on ...

Automated Condition Detection in Requirements Engineering

Gärtner, Alexander Elenga (1,2); Göhlich, Dietmar (1); Fay, Tu-Anh (1) // 2023
In product development, it is of great importance that a complete, unambiguous, and, as far as possible, contradiction-free target system is defined. Requirements documents of complex systems can ...

Autonomous Team Role Selection On Flexible Projects

Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán (1), Péter Harta (1,2) // 2023
In this study, a matrix-based project planning model that can handle flexible projects, employee synergies, and the distinction between hard and soft skills is proposed. Traditional scheduling ...

B-spline based metamodel of the thermal analysis of the wire arc additive manufacturing process.

Zani, Mathilde (1);Montemurro, Marco (1);Panettieri, Enrico (1);Marin, Philippe (2) // 2023
Among additive manufacturing processes, wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is one of the most promising methods for manufacturing complex near-net-shape parts, as it allows the layer-by-layer ...


Dupont, Elise; Cluzel, François; Yannou, Bernard // 2023
The defense industry tends to anticipate environmental issues through eco-design integration in the overall design process. This leads to focus on the impact of technological and design choices of ...

Barriers and opportunities to repair in repair cafes

Masclet, Cédric; Mazudie, Jasmine Laura; Boujut, Jean-François // 2023
For some years now, a part of the population in Europe has been willing to moderate its consumption and to enter into a sustainable waste reduction perspective. Repair is an important lever in the ...

Barriers from a socio-technical perspective to implement digitalisation in industrial engineering processes – a literature review

Hane Hagström, Malin; Bergsjö, Dag; Wahrén, Henrik // 2023
With the paradigm shift towards Industry 4.0 and digitalisation, manufacturing engineers face several unexplored challenges; in the products for which they are designing production, in the equipment ...

Barriers leading to Building Services Overdesign

Jones, Darren Anthony; Eckert, Claudia Margot // 2023
The research of this paper provides a useful insight into the many barriers leading to building services overdesign, within the context of NHS hospitals. The issue of overdesign in building services ...

Barriers to the use of artificial intelligence in the product development - a survey of dimensions involved

Müller, Benedikt; Roth, Daniel; Kreimeyer, Matthias // 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as a great opportunity to secure future competitiveness in many corporate sectors. Potential for its use also exists in product development (PD) activities due to ...

Behavioural Design for Medical Errors during Patient Diagnosis Process

Dey, Swagatam; Dabral, Shweta; Khadilkar, Pramod // 2023
The health and well-being sector has been of significant interest to the behavioural design domain since bringing in behavioural changes can help improve the overall well-being of a community. ...


Wildeboer, Twan; Kousi, Nefeli Iliana; Eggink, Wouter // 2023
Designers draw inspiration from the societal needs around them. In Design Education, efforts have been made to assess the potential personal, social, health and environmental impact of a design in ...

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