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Design sprint: Use of design methods and technologies

Huić, Iris; Horvat, Nikola; Škec, Stanko // 2023
This paper analyses the use of design methods and information and communication technology (ICTs) tools in design sprint (DS) activities. Team members, team leaders, and coaches of five international ...

Design Structure Matrix and Discrete Event Simulation methods produce similar estimates of coordination load

Tore Christiansen (1), Nicolay Worren (2), Ali Yassine (3), Kim Soldal (4) // 2023
Several tools have been developed for organizational simulation and optimization that have found uses among both scholars and practitioners. Yet external validation remains a challenge. The tools ...


Kromer, Robin (1); Gruhier, Elise (2) // 2023
Additive manufacturing (AM) processes are now integrated in industry. Therefore, new methods to design AM parts taken into consideration capabilities and limitations are necessary. It is very ...

Design thinking in data-intensive healthcare improvement: lessons from a perioperative case study

Stubbs, Daniel James (1,2); Bashford, Thomas Henry (1,3); Clarkson, Peter John (1) // 2023
Healthcare generates vast quantities of 'routinely collected' data that is recognised as a valuable substrate to drive improvement. Realising this benefit however, requires the sequential ...

Design-related Sustainability Assessment

Lisa-Marie Nettlenbusch, Jan Reißmann, Alexander Hasse // 2023
The pressure of planetary boundaries led the author to develop a design-related sustainability assessment. That is why several existing methodologies like Resource Efficiency, Material Input per Unit ...

Designer Productivity Management in Building Design Using Multi-Domain Matrix Analyses

Yvonne Yu Bing Wong (1), Torben Beernaert (2), Sam Conrad Joyce (1), Lucienne Blessing (3) // 2023
Rework in Building Design (BD) processes has a multitude of impacts on the performance of construction projects. A Multi-Domain Matrix (MDM) is a modelling technique to identify and analyse the ...


Gutierrez Contreras, Luis Miguel // 2023
Competence-based learning is oriented to learning by the implementation of challenges where students must demonstrate that they have learned and generated knowledge through the development of applied ...


Pérez Machin, Haizea // 2023
This article proposes an educational module that promotes the study of ecofeminism within product design in high education for ethical design thinking. Design materializes concepts and leads ...

Designing business models for a circular economy

Scholtysik, Michel (1);Rohde, Malte (1);Koldewey, Christian (1);Dumitrescu, Roman (1,2) // 2023
The megatrend sustainability will significantly change the future value creation of manufacturing companies. Their current linear value creation models need to change to conform to the requirements ...


Hamilton, Victoria Catherine; Brisco, Ross // 2023
The current and future workforce need to be multi-skilled, adaptable, collaborative and creative in finding new solutions to problems. Importantly, they need a good understanding that there needs to ...

Designing emergence in systems of systems using information streams

Hochmann, Uriel; Reich, Yoram // 2023
Systems complexity is increasing, in particular, when systems become systems of systems (SoS). SoS are composed of constituent systems (CS), have unique goals for the CS and the SoS as a whole, and ...

Designing for Human Factors: Development and Evaluation of a Harmonistic Knowledge-based Design Decision Support Tool

Agius, Sean; Farrugia, Philip; Francalanza, Emmanuel // 2023
Dual ontological products are a physical construction and an emotional construction. Multitude of human factors must be considering when designing dual ontological products. To increase the product’s ...

Designing for legal practitioners: Lessons learned from legal tech development and implementation

Đurić, Marko (1);Martinec, Tomislav (2);Porobija, Marko (1);Štorga, Mario (2,3) // 2023
Recently, the design and digitalisation approaches have become increasingly utilised in the legal context, typically under the names of legal design and legal tech. One of their goals is to help ...

Designing for Rehabilitation Movement Recognition and Measurement in Virtual Reality

Latif, Ummi Khaira; Gong, Zhengya; Nanjappan, Vijayakumar; Georgiev, Georgi V. // 2023
Virtual reality (VR)-based rehabilitation has been widely implemented to maintain and increase patient motivation during therapy sessions. Researchers nowadays design VR-based rehabilitation by ...

Designing Serious Games to Understand the Challenges of the Anthropocene

Boissier, Mathilde (1); Jost, Vincent (2,1); Mangeot, Mathieu (1); Viénot, Léa (1) // 2023
The challenges of the Anthropocene require a deep transformation of the world's economic organization. In order to manage such a change, it is necessary to have a systemic vision of the resources, ...

Designing solutions for uncertain futures: A checklist for choosing suitable scenarios

Gall, Tjark (1,2);Vallet, Flore (1,2);Ben Ammar, Malek (1);Yannou, Bernard (1) // 2023
Future scenarios are intermediary artefacts for mid- and long-term design of complex solutions, e.g., to improve urban mobility systems. They allow designers to explore possible alternatives and ...

Designing with Self-Determination Theory: Home-Based Digital Exercise Interventions Creating Positive Change

Şener, Bahar; Pedgley, Owain // 2023
The well-thought implementation of technology within the product-service system (PSS) will undoubtedly contribute to the increase of healthy life expectancy and to the improvement of the wellbeing of ...


Taylor, Alex // 2023
The purpose of this feasibility master's study is to develop a framework for evaluating object attachment in a digital space. The article examines product design development through a game studies ...

Detecting and Characterizing Patterns of Failure in Complex Engineered Systems: an Ontology Development and Clustering Approach

Walsh, Hannah Scharline (1); Dong, Andy (2); Tumer, Irem (2); Brat, Guillaume (1) // 2023
While the causes of failures in complex engineered systems are often clear in hindsight, it can be challenging to predict failures proactively during the design of novel engineered products or ...

Development of a 2D biomechanical model to simulate seated multidirectional arm strength of people with C5-C7 tetraplegia

Stilwell, George; Symons, Digby; Gooch, Shayne // 2023
People living with tetraplegia experience a significant loss of sensory and motor function; with the severity depending on their injury level and completeness. To complete tasks independently, people ...


Brunzini, Agnese;Rossi, Marta;Mandolini, Marco;Cappelletti, Federica;Germani, Michele // 2023
Approximately 10% of hospitalized patients develops decubitus ulcers that quickly degenerates into chronic illness that reduces the quality of life and requires expensive clinical management. The use ...

Development of a design support tool for synthesising multi-state mechanical device concepts

Majumder, Anubhab; Chakrabarti, Amaresh // 2023
Conceptual design synthesis, which focuses on generating solution alternatives, has a significant impact on the cost and quality of the final product. The development of radically new and ...

Development of a dynamic complexity costs assessment approach in aviation development

Maximilian Ridder, Christoph Rennpferdt, Lea-Nadine Woeller, Dieter Krause // 2023
The development of avionic products is subject to high-cost pressure due to increasing international competition and small batch sizes. To compete on the global market in a long-term view, ...

Development of a novel diabetic foot risk assessment for low-resource healthcare settings: A case study of lean design

Reddie, Madison; Frey, Daniel // 2023
Interest in applying a “lean” philosophy to design has been slowly growing in recent years, but there are still few broadly applicable methodologies and illustrative cases published in the literature ...

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