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A Method for Additive Tooling in Integrated Product Development

Schrock, Steffen; Junk, Stefan; Albers, Albert // 2022
This paper presents a method for supporting the application of Additive Tooling (AT)-based validation environments in integrated product development. Based on a case study, relevant process steps, ...

A model for implementing the service-learning method through collaboration with three institutions: the university, the science park, and community enterprise

Tanaiutchawoot, Narucha // 2022
The service-learning method is a high-impact technique for students in which learning happens via service and reflection on real-world objectives. However, this technique must overcome several ...

Access Logics for Situation-Appropriate Selection and Introduction of Methods in Engineering Design

Ammersd // 2022
A main shortcoming of existing method guides is that they rely on fixed activities and process-maturity levels without paying attention to the specific application context. This research aims at ...

Application of Constructive alignment in higher design education for curriculum renewal

Bhagyashri, Sharma; Nidhi, Joshi // 2022
A coherence between what is intended that the students learn, how it is taught, and how the performance is evaluated using various criterion tools becomes imperative for deep and effective learning. ...

Bottom-up Component Rationalisation using a Dynamic Sharing Matrix

Jacobsen, Nicolaj Rolskov; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2022
This paper addresses the challenge of managing the complexity in product development and the supply chain in a company with highly customised products. This is done by proposing a tool to reduce the ...

Challenges, Potentials and Success Factors in Automotive HMI Concept Development in the Early Phase in the Model of PGE

Hu?nemeyer, Sebastian; Reichelt, Florian; Rapp, Simon; Albers, Albert; Maier, Thomas // 2022
A distinctive UX shaping the brand is an important goal in the development of a new product generation. Trends such as advancing digitalization open up many innovation potentials for UX developers. ...

Comparing the quality of documentation used in production equipment acquisitions and the impact on the performance of the acquired equipment

Hagstr // 2022
There are often problems with design documentation, such as incomplete or missing and quality of input. A pre study within an engineering department for advanced machinery investigates the quality of ...

Connecting the Dots: Interlinking Crafts and Culture in Design Education

Anand, Puja; Bhasin, Alok // 2022
The question facing Design educators today is how to align the present generation of millennials with the sensitivity and appreciation of our rich cultural heritage? The paper is focused on the ...

Coordinated Property Driven Development

Adlin, Nillo; Juuti, Tero; Lehtonen, Timo // 2022
Characteristics-Properties Method/Property-Driven Development (CPM/PDD) has been a popular and widely applied theory for supporting the integration of product modelling and design process modelling. ...

Critical Function Prototyping of an Automated Cleaning System for Photovoltaic Panels

Freyer, Magnus; Christensen, Kim A.; Olsen, Anna; Steinert, Martin // 2022
Critical function prototyping (CFP) is useful when developing product service systems. Focusing on testing the critical component of the system first, as opposed to the whole system, saves resources ...

Dashboard-supported approach for feasibility and benefit analysis of Product-Service System-driven business models

Mahl, Tobias; K // 2022
Once a company decides to become a Product-Service System (PSS) provider, this inevitably means that the company's business model needs to be transformed. The development of a PSS is thus closely ...

Design Decisions in the Architecture Development of Advanced Systems: Towards traceable and sustainable Documentation and Communication

Pfeifer, Stefan; Akg // 2022
Documenting and communicating decisions is paramount during the system architecture development of Advanced Systems. Reporting design decisions properly is important since they allow decisions to ...

Design solutions for Hong Kong stressed office workers

Wong, Hoi Wang; Chen, Tsz Tsing; Chong, Nga Ching; Shih, Yi Teng // 2022
This essay will discuss mainly the fast-paced and stressful workplace culture in Hong Kong, contributing to high levels of stress and anxiety problems, especially in young workers aged 22 to 30. Both ...

Design thinking as an approach for sustainability

Jelena, Djokikj; Sofija, Sidorenko // 2022
There are not lot of evidence of implementation of the design thinking approach into the academia, this is why we wanted to conduct this kind of research. We worked with students on design with ...

Designing for Emerging Aesthetics: Product Semantics Approach to the Design of Smartwatches

Vaidya, Gaurav; Kalita, Pratul Ch // 2022
Current trends have shown a steep rise in the popularity of smart wearable devices. Inevitably, after mobile phones, the next technology revolution is expected to be in the field of smart wearables. ...

Designing Multi-Technological Resilient Objects in Product Platforms

Fern // 2022
Uncertainty challenges the ways companies use the notion of ...

Effects of print orientation on the design of additively manufactured bio-based flexible lattice structures

Dash, Satabdee; Nordin, Axel // 2022
In upholstery, polyurethane (PUR) foam is often used for its flexibility. However, it would be environmentally beneficial to replace PUR with bio-based alternatives. Therefore, this paper explores ...

Engineering idea generation framework for the digital era

Veps // 2022
Engineering design processes provide structure for problem-solving but do not aim for novelty but rather explore than expand the known design space. An idea generation framework is proposed which ...

Finding a new hill to climb in transformative PSS

Ruvald, Ryan; Askling, Christian Johansson // 2022
Product Service System solutions have proven to be a valuable innovation approach for industry organizations to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Modern interpretations of PSS design ...

Forming Digital Sustainable Product Development Support

Hallstedt, Sophie I.; Isaksson, Ola; Watz, Matilda; Mallalieu, Adam; Schulte, Jesko // 2022
Sustainability has shifted from strategically important to business critical for several manufacturing industries. This paper introduces an implementation framework to increase the capabilities in ...

Fuck up to a grade A

H // 2022
How can design students be encouraged to make experiments and necessary mistakes in order to become better designers and better learners? This paper presents a pedagogical experiment in design ...

Increasing Transparency for Novel and Existing Complex Systems Development - Modular Design in an Agile Context

Zuefle, Marc; Rennpferdt, Christoph; Krause, Dieter // 2022
How can Modular Design (MD) methods support development of complex products? The problem addressed here is that methods can develop less transparency with the development of complex products, since ...

Knowledge based engineering for formula student

Nordvall, Erik; Tarkian, Mehdi // 2022
The academic competition Formula student engage engineering students all over the world. In this paper, two applications of Design Automation (DA) and knowledge based engineering (KBE) are presented. ...

Material selection for extreme thermo-mechanical loads using design space projection: A concept study for an ultra-high power X-Ray source

Ravichandran, Mahadevan; Winter, Johanna; Bartzsch, Stefan; Zimmermann, Markus // 2022
Material selection in the concept design phase may be challenging due to circular dependencies. Commonly used methods like ...

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