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Budgeting for Agile Product Development

Vierlboeck, Maximilian; G // 2019
Recent reports and predictions indicate a consistent and continuous growth in the field of Research and Development. Such growth leads to increased resource investments, which have to be managed ...

Building Tangible Augmented Reality Models for Use in Product Development

Jain, Karan; Choi, Young Mi // 2019
This paper discusses the issues involved with creating a Tangible Augmented Reality representation of a product so that it can be effectively and validly used to support the product design process. ...

Business model innovation for circular economy: integrating literature and practice into a conceptual process model

Pieroni, Marina de Padua; McAloone, Tim; Pigosso, Daniela // 2019
A key question regarding business model innovation/development for circular economy is ?how to make it happen in practice"? By systematically reviewing 92 approaches from circular economy and ...

Can Ethics Enhance Creative Design Activity?

Sekiguchi, Kaira (1); Hori, Koichi (1,2) // 2019
This study exhibits that there exists generative ethics in which ethical thinking will allow us to change our perspectives to consider the artifacts? social effects in design, thereby enhancing our ...

Capturing Prototype Progress in Digital Fabrication Education

Barhoush, Yazan A M (1); Erichsen, J // 2019
The early (pre-requirement) stages of product development can provide relevant insights into the creative design process. At these stages, the communication of ideas during the prototyping process ...

Cascading Forgetting In Product Development Challenges And Evaluation

K // 2019
Vast amounts of information and knowledge is produced and stored within product design projects. Especially for reuse and adaptation there exists no suitable method for product designers to handle ...


Smit, Mark J.; Bekker, Dirk H.M. // 2019
Learning how to create physical products that are either functional, producible, profitable, sustainable and valuable involves both intensive practice and acquiring broad knowledge and ...

Challenges and architectural approaches for automotive PLM in multi-brand organisations - a discussion paper

Kehl, Stefan (2); Hesselmann, Carsten (1); Stiefel, Patrick (2); M // 2019
Today, top-down processes, centralized IT infrastructures, and one-vendor strategies prevail in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of large multi-brand Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) groups. ...

Challenges with supplier involvement in product development: a supplier?s perspective

Flankeg // 2019
Studies of supplier involvement in product development have revealed potential benefits including faster time to market, reduced cost and increased quality. However, existing literature has mainly ...

Circular PSS strategies: an exploration of the integration of territorial resources

Delgadillo Jaime, Estephania Elizabeth (1); Reyes Carrillo, Tatiana (1); Baumgartner, Rupert (2) // 2019
Product service systems (PSS) are frequently cited as key strategies in the transition towards the circular economy (CE). The main aim of the CE is sustainable development (SD), hence, this paper ...


Francisco Javier Serón Torrecilla // 2019
Citizen science, an open participatory approach is gaining a renewed impulse thanks to the digital revolution (Green Paper on Citizen Science, 2014), encouraging people for a scientific literacy and ...

Collaborative and participatory design: assignment of team members to engineering projects with the consideration of designer?s expectations

JIN, Guangying; Sperandio, S // 2019
With the trend of global collaboration and development of Internet of Things in industry 4.0, the collaboration relationships between designers is getting more close and important than before. ...

Combining Scrum and Design Thinking for a highly iterative and user-centric hardware development project

Augustin, Laura; Schabacker, Michael // 2019
User-centric development is essential to any product development project, especially in order to keep up with today?s ever-changing product cycle.

This paper explores the potential of combining ...

Combining unmergeables: A methodological framework for axiomatic fusion of qualitative design theories

Horvath, Imre // 2019
The proposed methodological framework concerns axiomatic theory fusion (ATF) of non-additive engineering design theories. ATF includes seven steps: (i) semantic discretization of the composite ...


Maya, Mariana (1); Cobreros, Carlos (1); Ontiveros, Elsa (2); Biondi, Stefania (1) // 2019
Playlab, an educational initiative of the School of Architecture, Art and Design of the Tecnologico de Monterrey University, provides a steady academic base for innovation in product co-design ...


Georgilas, Ioannis; Dekoninck, Elies; Dhokia, Vimal; Flynn, Joseph; Elias, Edward // 2019
Design engineering education needs to be close to industrial practice, since industry is the final destination of most graduates. For this reason, early engagement with ‘real’ practitioners can be ...

Comparing the Design Neurocognition of Mechanical Engineers and Architects: A Study of the Effect of Designer's Domain

Vieira, Sonia Liliana da Silva (1); Gero, John S. (2); Delmoral, Jessica (1); Gattol, Valentin (3); Fernandes, Carlos (4); Fernandes, Ant // 2019
New tools from neuroscience allow design researchers to explore design neurocognition. By taking the advantage of EEG's temporal resolution we give up spatial resolution to focus on the performance ...

Comparing Utility-Based and Network-Based Approaches in Modeling Customer Preferences for Engineering Design

Sha, Zhenghui (2); Bi, Youyi (1); Wang, Mingxian (3); Stathopoulos, Amanda (1); Contractor, Noshir (1); Fu, Yan (3); Chen, Wei (1) // 2019
Customer preference modeling provides quantitative assessment of the effects of engineering design attributes on customers? choices. Utility-based approaches, such as discrete choice model (DCM), and ...

Comparing Virtual Reality and Desktop Interface for Reviewing 3D CAD Models

Horvat, Nikola (1); ?kec, Stanko (1,2); Martinec, Tomislav (1); Luka?evi?, Fanika (1); Peri?i?, Marija Majda (1) // 2019
Use of virtual reality (VR) is considered beneficial for reviewing 3D models throughout product design. However, research on its usability in the design field is still explorative, and previous ...

Comparison of existing agile Approaches in the Context of Mechatronic System Development: Potentials and Limits in Implementation

Heimicke, Jonas; Niever, Manuel; Zimmermann, Valentin; Klippert, Monika; Marthaler, Florian; Albers, Albert // 2019
The development of mechatronic systems has always been characterized by continuous handling of uncertainties. This challenge, which is associated with dynamic changes in the development context, is ...

Comparison Of Rep Rap And Davinci OSD Repositories: Is Any Influence From Academic Origin?

Affonso, Claudia Andressa Cruz (1); Atayde, Gisele Rodrigues (2); Amaral, Daniel (2) // 2019
The open source design (OSD) is an autonomous community dedicated to design new hardware products, peer-to-peer, with collaborative design and intellectual property copyleft, using web platforms to ...

Computational Simulation as an organizational prototyping tool

Dosi, Clio; Iori, Manuel; Kramer, Arthur; Vignoli, Matteo // 2019
This case study deals with a redesign effort to face the overcrowding issue in an Emergency Department (ED). A multidiscinary group of healthcare professionals and engineers worked together to ...

Conception of Design Principles for Additive Manufacturing

Valjak, Filip; Boj?eti?, Nenad // 2019
Additive Manufacturing (AM) brought new design freedom and possibilities that enable design and manufacturing of products with new forms and functionalities. To utilise these possibilities a new ...

Conceptual Design for Assembly in aerospace industry: a method to assess manufacturing and assembly aspects of product architectures

Bouissiere, Francois (2); Cuiller, Claude (2); Dereux, Pierre-Eric (2); Malchair, Corentin (2); Favi, Claudio (1); Formentini, Giovanni (1) // 2019
In recent years, the air transport market has quickly grown, creating new civil aircrafts demand, challenging the actual production rate of aerospace industries. The bottleneck of the current civil ...

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