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Approaches of Knowledge-Based Design

Vajna, S. // 2002
Knowledge-based design is a concept for the computer-aided provision and application of different representations of knowledge along the product development process. In this paper, after proposing a ...

Aspects to the Coordination of Collaborative Design

Cumming, M. // 2002
This research studies methods for providing design process support for distributed groups of designers, to allow them to collaborate and co-ordinate their actions, within the context of collaborative ...

Assembly Configuration and Appearance Changes in VRML Environment

Jezernik, A.; Hren, G.; Golob, B. // 2002
3D CAD models provide a natural way of sharing design information among designers. VR emerged to be a popular technology for human-computer interface in product design fields. VRML is a tool ...

Assessing Design Activity: Issues and Actions

Cowdroy, R.; Williams, A. // 2002
An international collaborative research and development program documents a single framework to resolve inconsistencies between good teaching principles, accreditation requirements and the various ...

Bottom Structure For DutchEVO Car: Formulation Of The Problem And The Adjustment Of The Optimization System

Ermolaeva, N. S.; Kaveline, K. G.; Spoormaker, J. L. // 2002
The optimization problem of the DutchEVO car bottom structure was formulated with respect to the minimum mass under the constraints revealed from bending load case. The Multipoint Approximation ...

Building the Design Observatory: a Core Instrument for Design Research

Carrizosa, K.; Eris, Ö.; Milne, A.; Mabogunje, A. // 2002
The "observe-analyse-intervene" method allows a complex system to be perturbed to deepen understanding and reveal hidden assumptions. Historically we have collected analogue audio and video ...

Classification of Design Research Documents

McMahon, C.; Culley, S.; Lowe, A. // 2002
Classification involves the development and use of schemes for the systematic organisation of knowledge (represented as information) (Langridge, 1992). The origins of modern approaches towards ...

Cleaning up Design Methods - Describing Methods Completely and Standardised

Birkhofer, H.; Kloberdanz, H.; Berger, B.; Sauer, T. // 2002
To improve the design process, it is aimed to optimise the description of design methods and the access to them for effective use in design projects and for better support of learning and teaching. ...

Colibri - A Collaborative Design System for Product Data Integration

Kleiner, S.; Anderl, R.; Gräb, R. // 2002
An extended parametric information model is presented in order to integrate product data based on parameters and constraints for design process reasons. Constraints represent parametric relations ...

Collaborative Engineering: 'Towards Design Guidelines for Risk Management in Distributed Software Development'

van Grinsven, J.; de Vreede, G.-J. // 2002
Distributed software development activities require intense collaboration between groups who are scattered over geographically separated locations. While group-oriented software development has ...

Colour in Technical Presentation

Salamon, V.; Žiha, K. // 2002
This paper considers the gap between the standardized single coloured, mainly two-dimensional representations in engineering design based on rules of technical drawing and new, mostly optional ...

Communicating Engineering Design - A Critical Success Factor in Projects

Baumgärtner, C. E. // 2002
Engineering projects or designs fail frequently because they are not communicated well to the management of the company in which they are carried out. Communication of project proposals, project ...

Competences of an engineer - projects and competences in education

van Kollenburg, P.; Kater, K.; Geraedts, H. // 2002
The curriculum of the Electrical and Electronic Department has been changed enormously in the past decade. Fewer lessons and many more projects were introduced. Meanwhile it has become a topic at ...

Computer Aided Design of Feed Drives for CNC Machine Tools

Pandilov, Z.; Dukovski, V. // 2002
Generally feed drives for CNC machine tools have a very simple kinematic structure. But the optimal feed drives design is a problem which consists of an appropriate selection of AC or DC ...

Computer-Integrated Production Planning and Control: the Opt Approach

Skolud, B.; Krenczyk, D.; Wozniak, W. // 2002

Concurrent Decision Making for High-Tech Products and Supply Systems

Sahlin, M.; Fagerström, J.; Clausson, L.; Aganovic, D.; Sohlenius, G. // 2002
The ability to meet the market window is often described as a key factor for successful companies. The pressure to meet the market window has put demands on many companies to shorten the time from ...

Context Indicators for Determining Links Between Design Ideas

van der Lugt, R.; van der Graaf, A. // 2002
Linkography [Goldschmidt 1995] is a promising method for analyzing idea generation processes. Whren using linkography, the researcher limits him- or herself to assessing whether there is sufficient ...

Context Modeling in a Collaborative Virtual Reality Application as Support to the Design Process

García, J.; Restrepo, J. // 2002
Context can be used to define which knowledge should be considered in a virtual reality environment in which a multidisciplinary team will discuss modifications or developments in design, product ...

Conversations on Interaction: Exploring the Interplay Between Theory, Research and Practice in Design Education

Power, N. // 2002
In this paper I address a number of recurring issues for design educators: the value and applicability of theoretic discourse to design practice; the value and applicability of design research to ...

Costs of rapid prototyping applications

Brockop, S. // 2002
The three measures of the effectiveness of a design process are cost, quality, and time. Regardless of the product being designed – whether it is an entire system or some small subpart of a larger ...

Creating Sustainable Students Through Project-Based Teaching

McAloone, T. C. // 2002
This paper describes a case study, where a multifunctiaonal group of international students were subject to an intensive two-week course on sustainability and innovation. The case describes a number ...

Damage Tolerant Design of the Aircraft Components

Jelaska, D.; Podrug, S.; Grljušic, M.; Glodež, S. // 2002
The closed form expression for estimation of the crack initiation life at combined HCF/LCF loading is derived in this paper, and the way of reshaping the crack growth rate formulae in the form ...

Boolean Searches

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  • design community
    Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.
  • +design +community
    Find rows that contain both words.
  • +design community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but rank rows higher if they also contain “community”.
  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
    Find rows that contain words such as “design”, “designs”, “designing”, or “designer”.
  • "some words"
    Find rows that contain the exact phrase “some words” (for example, rows that contain “some words of wisdom” but not “some noise words”). Note that the " characters that enclose the phrase are operator characters that delimit the phrase. They are not the quotation marks that enclose the search string itself.

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